Candle Making Gift Set, Two Candles  Zen & Orange Grove

Candle Making Gift Set, Two Candles Zen & Orange Grove

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Candle Making Gift Set, Two 120ml Candles  Zen & Orange Grove

If you love candles then this Candle making Gift set will be perfect for yourself or a loved one. Other than heat resistant Gloves (or oven gloves) and a large pan you will be provided with everything you need to make your own candle. Candle making is a mindful activity which you can completely immerse yourself in.

Orange Grove Soy Wax Orange Fragrance Candle By KENSHO

Tea lights which uplift the spirit and take you through Orange Groves offering the sweetness of this vibrant and cheerful fruit.

We have a strong prominent scent associated with Orange Zest, Lemon and Ginger enhanced by light undertones of Citrus Sugar and Orange Flower. You are then indulged in a delightful trace of sugarcane and Pink Pepper.

Zen Soy Wax Green Tea Fragrance Candle By KENSHO

To quieten and still your mind in stressful times can be very difficult. From time to time you have to ignore the drama of the world, sit still and be in the moment. Breathe and develop your awareness of the here and now. Let these Zen tealights help you to focus and become grounded.

The scent of these tea lights is reminiscent of Green Tea made from Camellia Sinensis leaves. The aroma is associated with Lemon, Bergamot and Orange Zest. The scent is further enhanced by Light undertones of Jasmin, Cacoa and Lilac. You are then left with heady notes of Amber, Patchouli, Moss, Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

Our fragrances are vegan friendly, cruelty free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, Silicone and PEG free.

This Candle Making Gift Box includes -

Candle making instructions (instructions should be read carefully before taking contents out of the box)

One Thermometer

One small steel jug

Two Glassine Bags with wax to make Two Candles

Two Amber Candle Jars 120ml

Two wooden pegs (to hold the wick in place)

Two amber bottles with chosen fragrance

Two wicks (+ two spare ones)

Two Glue Dots (+ Two spare ones)

Name and safety Labels for candles