Top tips for lip care during Summer time

Lips should be protected all year round not just in the winter. Make sure you are using Lip balm with SPF 15 or over to protect lips from ultra violet rays. Try not to lick your lips if they are dry, use a hydrating lip balm or lip butter instead. Try to increase your water intake to keep your lips hydrated. Make sure you include a lip care routine with your night time skin care routine, exfoliate your lips using a sugar scrub and then use a natural lip butter just before going to bed, this will ensure your lips are moisturised whilst you sleep. Here at Ethical Gifting we are getting ready to introduce our new Ethical Gift Boxes which include Lip Butters from Lucky Cloud. We have two gorgeous Lip Butters, Vanilla Lip Butter and Blooming Marvellous Lip Butter, both have natural ingredients and smell gorgeous! If you need some gift ideas take a peek at our Ethical Gift Boxes where we have chosen natural, eco-friendly and cruelty free products.

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